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6500K Replacement Lamps

These CMlite fluorescent lamps (available in a variety of sizes) have exceptional color rendering properties and provide consistent and accurate D65 color quality.

CRD Color Rendition Demonstrator

A valuable educational and communication tool designed for demonstrating the dramatic visual color effects of different light qualities on “identical” color prints or samples.

Simultaneous Color Viewer

The SCV is used for the side-by-side evaluation of one or more color samples simultaneously under four different light sources, plus UV. This provides an instant visual demonstration of the color constancy of the sample and assists with color selection.

ASTM D1729-96 Color Viewing Standard

GTI color viewing products help you comply with the five ASTM D1729-96 criteria for color viewing, comparison and communication, as specified by the standard.

Standard Gray Neutral Matte

Standard Gray Neutral 7 is water-reducible vinyl latex for use in color viewing areas which require Munsell N7/ gray surround as specified by ASTM D1729-96 (available in gallons or pints).

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