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Plate Correction Pens

For use on metal and CTP plates, these pens offer three tip sizes for any size correction. The barrel construction, sealed end caps and durable tips reduce evaporation and extend pen life.

Safelight Filters

We offer a selection of filters for the safe handling of light sensitive materials. The filters provide an overall maximum and shadow-free illumination, creating a better working environment.

IBF5000 Image Deletion Pen

Developed for use on the IBF Million DV, Negfast, Eco-T and Million SR plates to remove unwanted images, this pen will save time and money by eliminating the need to remake plates. Made with the same exacting specifications as the other popular deletion pens.

Baked Plate Pens

Our correction pens for use on baked plates save money and time by eliminating the need to remake plates. They include two tips in one pen to accurately delete any size image.

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