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Soft View Model SOFV-1xiQ

This desktop soft proofing system for accurate color comparison between a monitor and a proof consists of a wireless light sensor and a viewing station. The sensor is used to calibrate the light level of the viewing station to the luminosity of the monitor.

EVS Color Viewing Stations

The EVS/SP units (available with flat file drawers) combine a conventional color viewing station with soft proofing capabilities. Single or dual LCD's (up to 30"/76cm) can be mounted on the rear wall.

Customized Color Viewing Station

The MCVE is a custom-fit viewing system that adapts to your press console and provides full and variable intensity lighting plus a sliding single or dual LCD mount for soft proofing.

Soft View Model SOFV-1xi

Graphiclite D50 light quality assures consistent, accurate color rendition and digital control allows precise luminance matching of copy prints to the computer monitor at your desktop.

VPI/SP for Large Format

The VPI/SP is designed for side-by-side comparison of a hard copy proof or press sheet with the LCD soft proof. It will accommodate single or dual LCD's up to 30"/76cm.

Overhead Luminaires

The GLE/SP helps create a ISO-compliant D50 standard viewing and soft proofing environment. Soft proofs can be viewed on a computer monitor and provide money- and time-saving benefits.

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