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Overhead Luminaires for Soft Proofing

Graphiclite® 100 color viewing T8 lamps, aluminized high-efficiency asymmetrical reflectors, spectrally neutral non-yellowing diffusers, precise digital controls and solid state electronic dimming ballasts assure consistent light intensity for an optimum match to a computer monitor and help create an ISO-compliant D50 standard viewing and soft proofing environment.


Soft proofs that can be viewed on a computer monitor and easily shared with those in the production process provide money-and time-saving benefits that include:

  • Allowing more personnel involved in the production and color approval of a job to assist with image and text changes and with the review of the latest copy of a proof
  • Readily accomplishing last-minute changes
  • Helping reduce the cost of materials as proofing is done on the computer monitor
  • Decreasing the cost and time involved in transporting hard proofs to those involved in the job approval process
  • Allowing for getting jobs to press faster

LiteGuard II

LiteGuard® II, a critical quality control monitor, is a backlit liquid crystal display of lamp hours used, lamp hours remaining on the daylight source and warm-up time. It also provides a warning in advance when relamping is needed and indicates "out of tolerance" when the relamping time has been exceeded and replacement lamps are needed. LiteGuard II helps keep the standard D50 viewing system within industry tolerances.

Graphiclite 100 Lamps

GTI® luminaires feature Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps. To ensure optimum viewing conditions, these lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors. Unequaled by any other 5000 Kelvin lamp in the industry, Graphiclite 100 lamps produce a true full-spectrum white light which renders colors with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. In GTI equipment, the Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamp produces an actual system CRI approaching 95.

Available GLE/SP Models

GLE-532A/SP Asymmetrical five-lamp luminaire

GLE-632A/SP Asymmetrical six-lamp luminaire

GLE-732A/SP Asymmetrical seven-lamp luminaire

Assymetrical Reflectors

Light is directed from the luminaire at an angle to allow parallel-to-floor installation

ISO 3664:2009 Standard

This highly technical set of specifications enables lighting manufacturers to design, test and certify color viewing systems. When a GLE/SP series luminaire is installed correctly, it will help you meet the precise conditions to enable effective color communication and critical color comparisons, including Color Quality (D50), Light Intensity (2000lx), Uniformity and Geometry of Illumination. It is important to note that the surround walls and environment should be Munsell N8/ neutral gray to assist in complying with the standard.

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