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GP100 Gravure Proofer

The GP100 proofer allows you a manner to instantly produce high quality gravure ink proofs with press viscosity on any flexible substrate.

K Printing Proofer

Using gravure or flexo inks, high-quality proofs are produced quickly with a KPP, featuring electronically engraved printing plates and variable printing speeds.

K Lox Proofers

An essential tool for both ink makers and printers alike, the K Lox is used to produce accurate and repeatable proofs that closely resemble conventional flexo printing.

PiP Paste Ink Proofer

This proof press, for fast, repeatable color matching of litho, web offset and letterpress inks, uses an automatic ink metering system, eliminating the need to weigh or measure ink samples.

K Control Coater K101 and K202

The K Control Coater provides quick, highly accurate and repeatable samples of surface coatings and is recommended for computer color matching or when a number of operators are involved.

K303 Multi-head Coater

The K303 accommodates flexo, gravure and metering bar coating heads, fully interchangeable in a matter of minutes. This unIt is used to make accurate and reproducible prints and coatings of a wide range of products on many different substrates.

Flexiproof 100 and Flexiproof 100 UV

This is a miniature flexo press used for the production of proofs using aqueous, solvent-based or UV flexographic inks for quality control, presentation samples, computer color matching and R&D.

Little Joe Offset Ink Proofing Press

These compact proofing presses are used by offset printers to match customer color samples and by pigment manufacturers to assist in their process control.

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