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Safety-Coated Fluorescent Lamps

In the rare case that a ProGuard or UltraGuard safety-coated lamp from EncapSulite® is broken, virtually all the glass, mercury and phosphors are contained inside the high-temperature, high mechanical-strength coating. Employees, products and manufacturing sites are totally protected. Disposal or recycling is safe and easy.


For use in food processing areas, pharmacies, dairies, manufacturing areas, hospitals, schools, bakeries, gymnasiums, cafeterias, slaughterhouses, high-bay lighting applications, restaurants, poultry plants, bug zappers, germicidal areas, aquariums and any area where public safety is an issue or a production area must be protected from broken glass.

Industry Standard

UltraGuard and ProGuard safety coatings are UL-recognized for safety and UL-EPH certified for environmental and public health. UltraGuard and ProGuard safety-coated fluorescent lamps are acceptable for incidental food contact in food, meat and poultry plants. The chemical constituents of the product and the surface characteristics of the coatings are in compliance and meet current FDA, USDA and OSHA standards.


  • Lamps require no assembly
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Smooth surface is easily cleaned
  • Will not crack or yellow
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • FDA, USDA and OSHA approved
  • Less than 1% light output loss

UltraGuard Safety Coating

The UltraGuard FEP Teflon safety coating was developed for high temperature T5, T5HO and T8 lamps. It is recommended for “long-life” T8 lamps as it is the only coating available to last the rated life of those lamps (24,000+ hours). Other features include:

  • UV transmission
  • Recommended for open and closed fixtures
  • Coating guaranteed for the rated life of the lamp
  • Flammability rating of V-O/High
  • For use in ambient temperatures up to 200°F/93°C

ProGuard Safety Coating

This standard temperature PC co-polymer safety coating is available in all lengths, with T5 (.625"/16mm), T6 (.75"/ 19mm), T8 (1"/5mm), T10 (1.25"/32mm) and T12 (1.5"/ 38mm) diameters. Other features include:

  • For use at ambient temperatures up to 135°F/57°C
  • Blocks all UV below 380 nanometers
  • Recommended for open fixtures only
  • Flammability rating of UL-94HB
  • One-year guarantee

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