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Safety Coated - Semiconductor Industry

EncapSulite® offers a variety of products to create a safe environment for handling materials used in the semiconductor industry which include: PC Gold safety-coated lamps and window filters.

Safety-Coated Lamps

EncapSulite has developed safety fluorescent lamp coatings designed specifically for the semiconductor industry. PC Gold safety lamps block all emissions below 520 nanometers. The yellow/gold PET coatings provide excellent mechanical strength to retain the glass fragments in the event of breakage. The coatings will not outgas, crack, peel nor flake with age.

In the rare case that this type of safety-coated lamp is broken, virtually all the glass, mercury and phosphors are contained inside the high-temperature, high-mechanical strength coating. Employees, products and manufacturing sites are totally protected, making it an ideal product for "clean room" applications. Disposal or recycling is easy.

This is the only UL-recognized fluorescent safety lamp coating for the semiconductor industry, and it passes the UL 94 HB flammability test for safety.

Safety lamps from EncapSulite are time-tested and used by semiconductor plants worldwide. Fluorescent PC Gold lamps are available in a variety of lengths and in T5 (5-8''/16mm), T8 (1''/25.4mm) and T12 (1.5''/38mm) diameters.

Formula to Determine the Filters Required

One 48''/122cm 40W-fluorescent lamp safelight is required for each area measuring 50 square feet, taking into account the entire room and not just the area where the sensitive material will be handled.

Window Filter

The PC Gold window filter converts any room into a safe environment for handling circuit boards. It has a thickness of .005''/127mm and blocks all emissions below 500 nanometers. Available in rolls of 4x32'/1.22x10m. One layer is recommended for inside-facing windows and two layers are recommended for outside-facing windows.

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