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Multi-source Luminaires

This multisource overhead luminaire was developed for large sample color evaluation and is used for color matching and for detecting metamerism and fluorescence. It is widely used in the printing, packaging, ink, textile, plastics, paper, paint, automotive, furniture and appliance industries or wherever critical color viewing is important.


  • Conforms to industry standards: ASTM D1729, SAE J361, BS-950, AS 1580, ISO 3668, AATCC Procedure #9, TAPPI T-515, TAPPI T-1212, ISO 3664:2009
  • NIST-traceable certificate of conformance
  • Multiple light sources
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Up to ten luminaires can be linked together
  • Range of light sources, sizes and models available

Available Light Sources

  • Daylight (D50, D65 or D75)
  • Cool White Fluorescent or TL-84
  • Incandescent
  • Ultraviolet (BLB)
  • On units with five light sources, the TL83 source is provided as the optional source, unless TL84, Horizon, D50, D75, D65, SPX35 or LED is specified

Precise Light Source Control

The push-button control panel provides “instant on” light source selection and easy-to-use automatic light source sequencing. The illuminated buttons indicate the light source in use.

ColorGuard II Lamp Monitoring System

ColorGuard® II indicates the hours used and the hours remaining until relamping is needed for all sources.

Ideal for Any Sample Size

With the unique design of the GLE-M series, you can operate multiple overhead luminaires with a single wireless remote control. The GLE-M5/32 is used for single luminaire installation and comes with the advanced “soft-touch” digital light source control and the ColorGuard II lamp monitoring system. Remote control and multiple unit installation are easily accommodated.

Standard Viewing Conditions Where You Need Them

The GLE-M5/32 is the key component of a large area color inspection facility using the ASTM D1729 Standard (“Standard Practice for Visual Evaluation of Color Differences of Opaque Materials”). For tight conformance to the standard, the unit should be installed 36'''' above the viewing surface, with surround walls painted a neutral gray equivalent to Munsell N7/.

Wireless Remote Control Applications

Remote control installations require a luminaire with a wireless remote control and receiver. The luminaire is equipped with a wireless receiver, wireless remote control and two output connectors which can be used to control additional luminaires. It also includes the ColorGuard II lamp monitoring system and digital light source control.

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