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Rules for Perfing, Scoring, Slitting

Attach these rules to the impression cylinder of your offset press and perf, score, slit and diecut on the press while printing. Save money and provide your customers with a faster delivery.


  • Heat-treated for strength
  • Sharpened with diamond-wheel sharpeners
  • Available in the original Side Series (SS) or Center Series (CS) for increased pressure and longer runs
  • Available in a variety of configurations for a multitude of applications
  • The original and best rule on the market

Litho-Perf/SS and /CS

These are the original rules and still the world standard for reliability and high-quality performance. Litho-Perf is available in 6-, 8-, 12- and 16-tooth blades with height selections from .0125 to .029", allowing you to perform perforations on a wide variety of paper and card stocks. Perfect for jobs like direct response mailing cards, coupon booklets and raffle tickets. Litho-Perf/CS is the only center-mounted rule available that is heat-treated, using Boyd's time-tested methods for extended life.

Litho-Score/SS, /SSR and /CS

The first in-the-run, on-press scoring accessory designed for the offset press, Litho-Score holds consistent register with the printed copy. The rule prepares the stock for a more precise fold and is available in various heights for card and paper stocks. Litho-Score is ideal for scoring newsletters, folders, thank-you cards, announcements and table tents. The scoring edge on SSR (Side Series Rounded) and CS (Center Series) rules is rounded to prevent surface cracking on cast-coated stock or when scoring through heavy, solid ink coverage.


Micro-Perf is available in side and center series models with heights of .022 and .029" for use on a variety of substrates. Use for precise and clean perforating.

Litho-Slit/SS and /CS

Litho-Slit eliminates separate runs by permitting on-press, straight-cutting possibilities. The blade is effective for slitting, straight-line diecutting and insertion slots in presentation folders. Use on either card or paper stocks. Litho-Slit can be selected with a straight knife edge or a serrated edge to meet criteria for cleanliness of cut.


This product is the economical answer to snap-apart forms printing. Litho-Snap functions in the same manner as Litho-Perf, creating perforated, quick separation snap-out or snap-apart forms. Available in 3- and 4-tooth blades.


The new WideTrac product with the blade in the center has an extra-wide scoring blade to prevent the stock from cracking and breaking, especially useful on coated and heavy stock. A wider scoring channel means a wider, nicer fold without cracking.  Blade height .025"/6.35mm; blade width .042"/1.07mm; base width .1"/2.54mm.

Special Low and Special High

Thin and heavy stocks no longer present a problem in perfing, scoring and slitting. These specialty rules handle the job as easily as their standard counterparts. Litho-Perf, Litho-Score and Litho-Slit are available in Side Series (SS) and Center Series (CS).

Precision-Perf, Precision-Slit, Precision-Score

The new Precision Rules® feature a square-tooth design that is ideal for perforating all weights of stock against a wide range of surfaces on an offset press. These rules work in conjunction with all on-press finishing systems, including critical kiss-cutting techniques. Available in 20-foot rolls with 8, 12 and 16 teeth per inch and a tooth height of .024"/.6mm or .35"/.9mm (±.0002"), Precision Rules provide an exact cut with minimum pressure every time.


Litho-Punch creates a punched circular cut that remains lightly attached for removal by the end-user. Ideal for making circular punches in promotional pieces for binder inserts. Available from stock in various standard diameter sizes, with other sizes available by special order. A serrated or straight-cut edge may be used. Available for both paper and card stocks.

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