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Wire-Wound Drawdown Bars

A drawdown is a controlled ink application on a substrate. Creating an ink drawdown is an economical method to conduct laboratory tests to determine ink coating thickness, substrate penetration, fluid compatibility and bonding to a substrate. The use of wire-wound bars allows the technician to make such tests with a minimum of effort and investment.

Benefits of Ink Drawdowns with Wire-Wound Bars

  • Consistent method to control and communicate color
  • Simulation of anilox engraved roller printing
  • Allow the printer to make a comparison of the sample supplied by the ink manufacturer to their actual drawdown
  • Simulation of the ink's printing characteristics on a flexographic press, considering the ink's color elements of hue, chroma and lightness
  • Aid printers to systematically select the anilox roller
  • Quality control of current inks
  • Research and development of new inks using alternative materials
  • Produce samples for customer approval
  • Allow the implementation of a plan for continuous quality improvement
  • Allow the checking of ink gloss characteristics

Tests Performed with Drawdowns

  • Color Element Test Each color has its own distinct appearance, based on three elements: hue, chroma and lightness. Ink drawdowns allow you to test for these important elements.
  • Color Matching and Appearance Test Test for the visual appearance of an ink using the full-color spectrum of the ink drawdown. This test helps to determine the tolerance for an acceptable visual color match, using the three-dimensional boundaries of hue, chroma and lightness.

Selection of Wire-Wound Bars

We offer a selection of wire-wound bars that will allow deposits of 4-150 microns of wet ink in increments of 2µm. Wire-wound bars with intermediate deposits of inks are available by special order.

Drawdown Table

The manual application device provides a simple yet effective means of applying coatings on many different substrates, including paper, carton, plastic film, glass and wood. Two or more coatings can be applied side by side in one single operation, making it an ideal product comparison system.

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