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K Hand Coater

A drawdown is the controlled application of a coating on a substrate. The K Hand Coater provides a simple but effective means of applying liquid printing ink, adhesives, lacquers, paints and other surface coatings onto many substrates, including paper, board, plastic films, foils, metal plates, glass plates and wood. Two or more coatings can be applied side-by-side in a single operation, making the system ideal for comparing products.


  • Simple to use and economical
  • Deposits a wet film thickness of 4-500 microns
  • Good repeatability with special impression bed
  • Stainless steel rods and wire used for K Bars
  • K Bars are numbered and color-coded
  • Two or more products coated simultaneously for comparison

K Bar Coating

Wire-wound K Bars are produced by winding precision-ground stainless steel wire onto a stainless steel rod, resulting in a pattern of identically shaped grooves which precisely control the wet film thickness. Close wound bars will produce coating thicknesses from 4 to 120µm. Still higher coating weights up to 500µm can be obtained using spirally wound bars.

Available Sets

Small Starter Set consists of:

  • 1 small impression bed with coating area of 4.3x7.1''/11x18cm
  • 8 short K Bars (specified by customer)
  • 1 short cleaning and storage rack
  • 500 sheets proofing paper (4.7x8.3''/12x21cm)

Large Starter Set consists of:

  • 1 large impression bed with coating area of 8.7x13.4''/22x34cm
  • 8 long K Bars (specified by customer)
  • 1 long cleaning and storage rack
  • 500 sheets proofing paper (7.1x12.2''/18x31cm)

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