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PDV-e Professional Desktop Viewers

Typical office or studio lighting can dramatically distort color appearance. The benefits of standard viewing systems are well proven: greater color consistency, improved color reproduction quality and reduced color remakes. With D50 or D65 accuracy and consistency, you can maximize profit and minimize waste.

Compact Color Viewing Systems

  • Available in three sizes
  • Dimming option for soft proofing
  • Large viewing area
  • Folds for increased mobility
  • Optional sidewalls
  • Space-saving smaller footprint

Unique Design

The PDV-e series color viewing systems deliver improved appearance and functionality, and are equipped with state-of-the-art multivoltage electronic ballasts and high quality Graphiclite® lamps. All models feature a unique hinged design which allows for quick and easy fold-up of the unit for transport to the customer or for space-saving storage. Light uniformity over the viewing surface is excellent due to a unique holistic reflector design.

The Right Look

This PDV-e series provides a maximum viewing area with a minimum footprint. The modern, slim design fits in any work environment, assuring the right color viewing system for every location.

The Right Light

All units are equipped with the slim T8 Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps and the newest electronic ballasts. These space- and energy-saving technologies, as well as an improved reflector system, deliver uncompromising quality of light intensity, evenness of illumination and color quality. All units comply with the high GTI® quality standard and the industry standard. Furthermore, GTI's tight production tolerances assure perfect color consistency from the smallest desktop model to the largest pressroom viewing system.

The Right Price

The PDV-e series color viewing systems bring high quality Graphiclite color viewing into an economical price range for all critical color viewing applications. Everybody who needs quality color viewing can afford these attractive, compact viewers.

Optional Sidewalls

The addition of sidewalls (already included on the Dx and M models) reduces the influence from high ambient lighting and provides tighter control of the viewing environment. Available for all models, sidewalls are recommended when strong ambient light is present.

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