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D5000 Visual Color Aid

The Rhem Light Indicator is a device for the visual control of color viewing. Booklets of 50 stickers are available, each sticker measuring 2x.75''/51x19mm.

How Rhem Light Indicators Work

When attached to the border of a color proof or transparency, the Rhem Light Indicator will show whether the viewer is judging color accuracy with or without a 5000K standard light source. The sticker, backed with a permanent adhesive, is attached to the border of color proofs, color copy, color reproductions or sleeves of a transparency. In this manner everybody in the quality control chain can readily determine if they are using the industry standard D5000 lighting for the evaluation process:

when viewed under a 5000K standard light source, stripes do not appear and you can be assured that the viewing conditions are correct.

stripes appear when viewed under non-standard light sources, such as incandescent lighting.

stripes also appear when viewed under other non-standard light sources, such as cool and warm white fluorescent.

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