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ISO 3664:2009 Color Viewing Standard

This standard is a technical document written with engineers and lighting design companies in mind; it is not designed for users who wish to build or set up their own viewing area. Rather, it is a highly technical set of specifications which enables lighting manufacturers to design, test and certify color viewing systems. The standard specifies a set of five conditions which all must be present in order to assure the benefits of the standard:

Color Quality

The apparent color of a light source is specified by its chromaticity coordinates. The aimpoint and tolerance are specified in CIE color space. When two viewing systems are plotted, the closer the plot, the greater the visual color agreement between the viewing systems.

Color Temperature
Correlated color temperature is the relation between the color emitted by a black body radiator when heated to a specific temperature. It is measured in the Kelvin temperature scale.

Spectral Power Distribution
The true "fingerprint" of a light source, spectral power distribution is the key factor in how a light source renders colors. The closer a light source's spectral power distribution is to D50 the more accurate it is. CRI and CIE51 tests are used to insure that your light source closely approximates D50.

Light Intensity

Consistent light intensity is critical to consistent image rendition. The standard provides a target intensity designed to allow full tonal visibility of shadow detail without washing out highlights and specifies a lower light intensity (500 lux) for tone reproduction evaluation.


Even light intensity across the image assures correct interpretation of print and reproduction quality.


Surround color and reflectance affect color appearance. In order to assure consistent color appearance and tonal range, the surround condition is specified.


The presence of excessive glare can be very distracting to press operators, QC personnel and others attempting to make critical color judgments. While the standard does not explicitly specify lighting geometry, GTI has tested nearly all techniques and found that there is an optimal geometry for each installation, with light source, image and observers' eyes positioned such that specular reflectance (glare) is minimized.

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