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SCV Simultaneous Color Viewer

The desktop Simultaneous Color Viewer is designed to show the effect different light sources will have on a single color or a color pairing placed side-by-side. The SCV assists with testing for color harmony and detecting metamerism (when two color samples match under one light source, but not under one or more other sources). The total illuminated area is 7.125"/18cm wide x 6"/15cm deep. Each of the four viewing compartments is approximately 1.73"/4.4cm wide.

Color Constancy

Sometimes the best color choice is one that maintains its overall hue appearance under a wide array of lighting conditions rather than the one which achieves the tightest visual match under a more limited selection of light sources.

In many cases, the designers may not be sure which characteristic is more important until they can actually see what the color sample or the color pairing looks like under different lighting conditions.

Color Harmony

Color harmony can be tested by viewing a pairing of color samples in the SCV as an answer is quickly provided to the question, "Do these two colors work well in all lighting conditions?".

Included Light Sources

  • Daylight D65 (6500K)
  • Store Light CWF (4100K) or TL84
  • Home Light (CIE "A" 2856K)
  • LED (3500K)
  • UV
    Used with or without visible sources, UV allows detection of optical brighteners, whitening agents and fluorescent dyes or pigments.

The SCV uses common 24"/61cm fluorescent lamps.

Physical Dimensions

Height 25.125"/64cm
Width 15.75"/40cm
Depth 15.0625"/38cm

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