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6500K Replacement Lamps

These lamps are designed for critical color matching and inspection applications. They are guaranteed to optimize the color viewing capabilities of your system.

Better Color Viewing by Design

A properly designed color matching system takes into consideration the output and color quality of the lamps as well as the proper surround (Munsell N7/), the reflector and the diffuser. In order to assure excellent color rendition and tight tolerance to industry standards and visual agreement, GTI® produces their ColorMatcher® lamps.

These lamps have exceptional color rendering properties and provide consistent and accurate D65 color quality. They not only include energy in the visible spectrum, but also in the near-UV area of the spectrum to provide a far more accurate simulation of true daylight to observe the effects of fluorescent brighteners. GTI ColorMatcher D65 lamps are available in a wide range of sizes.

The best color rendition is achieved by having the closest match to the spectral power curve of the industry aimpoint: D65. The GTI ColorMatcher lamp delivers a much closer match to the D65 curve and delivers much greater color fidelity and tighter compliance to the viewing standard.

The Correct Spectrum Creates the Greatest Accuracy

CIE Standard 15.2 and Publication 51 specify the aimpoints and allowable tolerance for simulated daylight sources. The CIE tolerance is a radius of 0.015 from the specified aimpoint (CIE 1976 chromaticity coordinates of u' = 0.1979 and v' = 0.4685). GTI manufactures products to a much higher standard with half the tolerance specified by the CIE (a radius of only 0.0075). Maintaining tight tolerances to the aimpoint provides a better simulation of daylight and ensures good color communication with a client, within a company and between locations.

We offer a wide selection of replacement fluorescent lamps for GTI and other manufacturers' color viewing systems.

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