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WaterGuard Max

WaterGuard® Max is a complete lighting system encapsulated with waterproofed parts and with built-in electrical components. Units are equipped with a mirror-like reflector for optimum light output and with safety-coated lamps that will contain all the shards in the event of breakage. The casing is manufactured from UV-stabilized PC that is able to withstand washdowns up to 1200 PSI. It will not yellow with age nor become brittle and crack when exposed to heat or UV rays from the sun. These units will provide many years of service without leakage. For operation at 20 to 100°F/-7 to 38°C, they are IP67 rated, UL listed 1598 and UL-EPH certified.

WGM644 WaterGuard Max Fixture with Four T5HO Lamps

The standard fixture includes:

  • two heavy-duty stainless steel suspension mounting brackets
  • electronic program start ballast
  • universal 120-277V, 50/60Hz
  • pre-wired at the factory with an 8-foot black cord and plug
  • energy-saving 49W 4100 Kelvin T5HO safety-coated lamps

WaterGuard Max fixtures should only be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution; do not use industrial cleaners or solvents. Not recommended for permanent immersion

Some of Many Applications

Use this unique watertight lighting for outdoor and indoor applications in wet and corrosive areas, including food plants, supermarket produce misting areas, amusement parks, product inspection areas, car washes, parking garages, food processing areas, seacoast areas, tunnels, greenhouses, outdoor signage, water treatment plants, bridges, decorative outdoor lighting and bathrooms.

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