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Micrometers for Flexo Applications

The FPI series of micrometers are used to obtain thickness measurements of photopolymer plates, rubber, extruded films, laminates, substrates and other materials to within .0001"/.001mm. Various table sizes are available from 28x35''/71x89cm to 45x93''/114x236cm to accommodate specific needs. The non-scratch table provides for a stable reading base that helps prevent the material from curling during the measurement process. Each unit is complete with a cable attached to the digital micrometer; the cable has a switch at its end to allow easy readings.


  • Accurate thickness measurements to within .0001"/.001mm
  • Instant toggle between inch and metric measurements
  • Clear visual readouts
  • Available in a variety of formats for stable readings of flexible material
  • Non-scratch table for durability
  • Optional dust-resistant printer with footswitch
  • In use worldwide

Models FPI 1, FPI 2, FPI 5, FPI 6

All these models are the same with the exception of the table size and the length of the measuring arm. They are equipped with a digital micrometer, positioned at the end of the measuring arm; the micrometer is controlled by pressing the button at the end of the attached reading cable.

Model FPI 3

This unit has the exact specifications as model FPI 2, but is equipped with a measuring foot with roller to replace the conventional flat measuring foot. This will allow for the efficient measurement of substrates like extruded film or laminates as the material can be rolled under the measuring foot to obtain real time measurements over a given area.

Optional Printer

All FPI units are equipped with a port to accept the optional printer connection. Printers are supplied with a connection cable and foot-activated switch. The printer can be quickly connected to previously purchased FPI units.

These readings can be printed: highest/lowest measurements, total variation of plate thickness, and average thickness and average variation. The repeat function allows the printing of multiple copies of those data.

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