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This product eliminates the need for spray powder, minimizes downtime waiting for the ink to dry and avoids producing a rough feeling on the printed sheets. Best of all, ELIMINATOR works with all types of oil-based inks, including acrylic, soy, laser/thermal and rubber-based. It is not for use with non-porous stock.

ELIMINATOR prevents the undesirable transfer of ink from the printed side of a sheet to the underside of the next sheet in the delivery. It dries the ink from both the top down and the bottom up. It will help anchor the ink to the substrate.

ELIMINATOR will not shorten the period of time that ink can remain open in the ink train, while it will optimize the inking distribution.


  • Works on any porous paper stock
  • Allows more sheets to be printed per pound of ink
  • Produces more saleable sheets
  • Faster drying allows for faster job turn-around
  • Prevents set-off (the transfer of ink from one sheet to the next)
  • Reduces ink tack without adversely affecting the ink body
  • Helps stop build-up of ink on the plate, rollers and blanket
  • Works with any dampening system, conventional or integrated
  • Optimizes inking distribution
  • Does not adversely affect inks
  • Does not affect the odor nor the migration of inks
  • Works well with metallic inks and overprint varnish
  • Improves the printing of solids and halftones
  • Works with all oil-based inks
  • Has a shelf life of up to 12 months


Mix .5-1 oz./14-28 grams of ELIMINATOR to 1 Lb./.45 Kgs. of ink and use as you would normally use your ink.


Container 2 Lbs./.9 Kgs. (15/case)
Container 8 Lbs./3.6 Kgs. (6/case)
Pail 35 Lbs./15.8 Kgs.
Drum 400 Lbs./181 Kgs.

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