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Because it reduces the surface tension of the ink, INK MATE acts as a release aid so that all the ink transfers from the blanket to the substrate. It will also save ink: printers can actually reduce the amount of ink applied, along with the fountain solution necessary to keep everything in balance. This process will help inks set and dry faster, and as a result colors are stronger and printing is sharp. Due to the release characteristics of INK MATE and its ability not to affect the ink body, inks will trap and blend better, producing a sharper dot.


INK MATE will help the ink formulator or press operator correct some of the following difficulties experienced during printing operations:

  • Ink too heavy and tacky
  • Difficulty in printing large solids
  • Ink and paper mottle
  • Paper picking
  • Hickies on plate and blanket
  • Slitter dust from stock which can build on plate and blanket
  • Uneven color encountered while running metallic or other inks
  • Cold morning start-ups


Mix .5-1 oz./14-28 gr. of Ink Mate to 1 Lb./.45 kg of ink and use as you would normally use the ink.


Container 1.5 Lbs/.68 kg (15/case)
Container 6 Lbs./2.7 kg (6/case)
Pail 30 Lbs./13.6 kg
Drum 335 Lbs./152 kg


UV inks and coatings have a heavy, tacky consistency. UV MATE provides release properties to UV inks and coatings very much like INK MATE does for oil-based inks.

UV MATE is comparable in features to INK MATE but for use with UV inks. It is formulated to enhance the performance of UV inks, with the results being outstanding print quality and uniform colors without picking.

UV MATE will not swell UV blankets or rollers nor will it interfere with the UV curing process. It is for use in all UV inks including UV metallic inks, special colors and coatings.


Mix .5-1 oz./14-28 gr. of UV Mate to 1 Lb./.45 kg of ink and use as you would normally use the ink.


Container 1 Gallon/3.78 liters (6/case)
Pail 40 Lbs./18 kg
Drum 440 Lbs./200 kg

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